Northern Territory

January 2024

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January 2024
Balanced Choice Founder Adam Drake is interviewed by Peter Hayward from FuturePod to discuss his story and the evolution of the Balanced Choice Program. He shares some of the practices and foresight tools used by the team to drive positive change in the lives of the individuals, communities, and organisations we work with.
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September 2023

07 September 2023

Strengthening communities, creating jobs. – September 2023

A fantastic article from ABC Alice Springs about the launch of our employment program trial in partnership with RN Employment in the Barkly region.

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October 2021

13 October 2021
⭐Did you know we can run Balanced Choice Sessions online?⭐

Because distance is no longer an issue! Thanks technology!
Today I got the chance to run a session with incredible, thoughtful and kind staff of NT General Practice Education ACROSS the NT and Victoria!! (Thanks for representing Vic Sue!). Sitting with Belle at CDU and in line with Mental Health Week, we spoke about wellbeing and weathering storms. We spoke about supporting each other, being vulnerable and how nervous I was because this was my first time running an online workshop 😬🙃
Thank you to the amazing staff for being so welcoming and spending some of your morning with me. I look forward to crossing paths with you again 💖 Bre”
– Breanna Duncan 
08 October 2021
Over the last couple weeks, Young Carers NT allowed me the privilege of working with some of the most caring and mature young people I’ve met. They are an organisation doing great things for our youth, and this week, those youth showed off their talent, creativity, and positivity.

One of my favourite things about Balanced Choice is how we learn important concepts via games. But even cooler is how we can play the same game in so many different places and learn something new each time. I was once again reminded of how intelligent and charismatic our youth can be when given the opportunity to shine. This time around that was in the form of some great balloon inventions. Check out our awesome swords, flowers, dimension travelling hats, flavoured “jelly pretzels”, and multi purpose attachable scissor hands!
Groups of young Territorians like this always fill me with so much hope and optimism about our future. Can’t wait to see the incredible places these young people end up.” – Jason MacDonald

September 2021

28 September 2021
“So beautiful to be working with the Kindness Shake – Darwin NT, tonight’s workshop was on leadership, communication and mind and body. You are all simply amazing and your creativity and communication was brilliant. Keep being kind, keep up your awesome work. Big Love ❤️ 💯” – Adam Drake

23 September 2021

“The Menzies Crew are doing some beautiful work leading up to meeting with some of the NT Ministers next week. Great to be talking about Mental Health, Sexual Health, Environment and access to health services. So great to talk through the future and what’s important to this crew and other young people.

The Biyamarr ma program is a credit to Menzies School of Health Research and to these amazing young people, I personally love to see some of the crew repping the BC gear. Thanks Lidz Marie and Josie Povey for all your beautiful work.” – Adam Drake

21 September 2021


We had one of the most enjoyable Monday staff meetings yesterday, the staff had to bring a party trick and if you look at one of the squares Yvonne is trying a back bend, the faces are so connected and drawn in and it makes me smile. Jason made the little pink dog with a balloon, Shane talked like Donald Duck, Yianni popped a balloon with orange peel, Ollie spoke about disappearing acts, Sean cracked his knuckles and Breanna made a cricket sound. I finished it up with a Balanced Choice Race call. Melanie and Zac will be showing theirs next week. Love this beautiful group of people ❤️💯 – Adam Drake

Southern Australia

October 2021

19 October 2021

“As I went to pick up a young fella from the community centre that he volunteers in today, he asked me if he could make a coffee for me before we left. Now I don’t really drink coffee but I remembered that he told me, making sure people enjoy their coffee is his favorite part of working there, so I said “Why not?”. My goodness was it delicious 🔥 he got so excited when he saw that I loved it. He later told me that he wants to one day be a social worker so that he can help out other kids who might be going through some tough stuff like him. I love that this young man gets joy by bringing joy to, and supporting others. That is some seriously valuable learning so I wanted to share that with you all ❤💯” – Yianni Stefanidakis

13 October 2021

“Today was so much fun running our first session with Whitelion at the The Y! We built new relationships, laughed heaps and connected through theatre. We then sat down and spoke about how everyone in our communities is equally as important as the other and how we control how we treat and react to others. So much learning, and such a precious day! Thank you Kellie Fountas for this incredible opportunity 😊❤” – Yianni Stefanidakis

6 October 2021

“Met this inspiring young lady today and she wanted to go to the beach and walk in the water. So that’s what we did for our session and we talked about life. She said that when she gets stressed out she likes to come to the beach and let nature calm her down. Thanks to this precious soul for giving self-care wisdom. It was a gentle reminder to sit still and let nature do the healing. Recharged and ready to go again ❤💯” – Yianni Stefanidakis

September 2021

9 September 2021

“Such a precious time today in Kurlana Tapa Youth Training Centre speaking to the crew about how every day should be RUOK day. Having such a beautiful time sharing stories and building connections with the amazing young people in there ❤” – Yianni Stefanidakis