What We Do

Balanced Choice delivers a variety of workshops tailored to the goals and values of organisations. Interactive workshops utilise three core elements: theatre, movement and sharing stories, to encourage greater self and team awareness and positive behavioural change. 

Through a range of fun, creative activities designed to encourage confidence, self-expression, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, participants build relationships and their capacity for learned optimism and resilience. 

The design of the workshops is informed by current best practice guidelines and evidence-based research. Martin Seligman’s PERMA psychology model underpins the delivery of the workshops. The model’s five core elements – Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement – inspire participants to find a sense of wellbeing, fulfilment, and meaning in their work and home lives.

Balanced Choice also offers one-on-one mentoring with adults and young people. Walking alongside our clients, these sessions aim to build confidence and support physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Team Building

When we work with different teams, we’ve found that the teams are lacking connection or struggling with communication.

What we aim to do and focus on within our team building workshops is to provide a chance to work with your team to focus on:

Connections  |  Natural Leaders  |  Communication  |  Strengths  |  Influences  

If your team has been going ok, they’ll be working beautifully by the end of it.

Teams we’ve had the privilege to work with: NT Youth Round Table, Department of Education, NT Cricket, Kindness Shake.

Body & Mind

This workshop provides us a chance to link the body and the mind together. We’ve found that working the body through movement allows us to work deeply on the mind, exploring various topics and themes to work towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Public Speaking

Does public speaking freak you out? Our workshop on Public Speaking aims to work with you to build confidence in you so that you can (and will) present the best version of yourself. This workshop helps you build an awareness of your body language and tips & tricks to help clearly present the message you are intending. 

This workshop can be completed 1-on-1 or within a group setting.

Group Fitness

Group fitness is our main approach when we work with the crew in Don Dale, however we have also found that this provides an interesting twist to team building activities that support them to get fitter.

A group that exercises together, works well together.

Work, Life, Balance Workshop

This workshop gives us the chance to get all of these aspects aligned and in balance. We spend time exploring how to look after you, how to strengthen your self-care strategies and ultimately asking that big question on

“How to find balance in your life”. 

We know that if you’re not right, it’s really hard to make a difference in the places you’d like to make a difference in.